Engineering Plastics, Specialty Plastics, and Exotics. 

APEXCO-PPSI has the capability to produce stock shapes from virtually all thermoplastics in slabs, plates, rods, and tubular bars.  APEXCO-PPSi uses prime virgin raw materials only. All of our products accompany resin lot number and batch number with full traceability. Plastic materials can be classified by their structure.  Semi-crystalline polymers offer enhanced chemical resistance, better wear properties and overall mechanical strength.  Amorphous polymers offer superior electrical characteristics, transparency and hydrolytic stability. 


Thickness: 6mm to 100mm (1/4" to 4")
Standard Sizes:610mm x 1220mm (24" x 48"), 305mm x1220mm, (12" x 48"), 1220mm x 3050mm (48" x 120")
Custom Lengths Available

Diameter: 6mm to 305mm (1/4" to 12") Standard Lengths: 1000mm, 2000mm, 3000mm, (8ft, 10 ft) 
Custom Lengths Available

Tubular Bars – Custom
OD: 2" to 6"
Wall Thickness: > 0.5"
Custom Lengths Available

All Products are supplied oversize to finish.