Polyetherketone (PEK) offers superior chemical resistance with retention of mechanical properties at elevated temperatures.

Apexco is proud to offer ApexpekTM 2614 as a product that offers exceptional strength & Stiffness at elevated temperatures and has extremely high chemical resistance at elevated temperatures displaying minimal changes to physical prop- erties. unfilled ApexpekTM 2614 can operate in extreme environments with operat- ing temperatures exceeding PEEK at 530°F (276°C).

ApexpekTM 2614 offers increased abrasion resistance over PEEK when enhanced with Carbon and PTFE and is an exceptional product operating in wet or dry environments. Additional grades of ApexpekTM 2614 are available for greater strength and stiffness for use as a metal replacement and a premium material for use as CMP Rings and Chemical Manifolds, unfilled grade is FDA Compliant.

Specialty Products
Glass fiber reinforced
Carbon fiber reinforced
PTFE filled
Bearing Grade