APEXCO-PPSI PEEK's A New Site With Ultem & Peek Information

APEXCO-PPSI has recently become the nations leading producer of PEI 1000 and Unfilled PEEK Stock Shapes with all of our PEEK and Ultem rod & plate being manufactured in the USA we offer the quickest lead-times from Resin to Stock Shape production.

Apexco-PPSI has added custom plate sizes to reduce the high off-cut costs that can be associated poor yields.

We are starting to hear from many OEM's preferring our stock shapes over our competitors says General Manager Bart Feys as we have designed and built an inline annealing system that have many of our customers being able to increase their feed and speed rates while machining do to the overall reduced stress in our semi finished stock shapes, as we also utilize a secondary annealing process double annealing every lot of material produced.