Apexco-PPSI Manufactures Porosity Free Acetal

For years OEM's have been limited to buying Porosity Free Acetron GP Co-Polymer Acetal from one source.

Apexco-PPSI Manufactures a 100% Porosity Free Co-Polymer Acetal in both Rod and Plate and now offer Distributors and OEM's a multitude of solutions in sheet sizes  to help improve yields over the historical product offering of 24" x 48" & 48" x 120" sheet sizes.

Apexco offers many options in sheet widths with more coming on line to help you with yield loss and keeping the profit in your products produced and not in a land fill or taking up precious shelf space waiting for that perfect job.

Current Sheet Width Options:

12" Wide

15" Wide

18" Wide

21" Wide

24" Wide