Apexco-PPSI Introduces APEXGREENPEEK 100% Recycled Peek and also Manufactures Victrex 450G Peek, Solvay PEEK

After significant testing Apexco-PPSI is proud to launch their own APEXGREENPEEK made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled Neat Peek in Sheet & Rod. Every lot is double melt filtrated and is produced on our own proprietary equipment where we have added a light green FDA Colorant so Distributors and End-Users can tell the difference from virgin Peek stock shapes.

With the physical properties near 98% of Virgin Produced Peek products we wanted to not only help the environment but also be able to offer OEM's the opportunity to use a 100% Recycled Peek product while not sacrificing the products appearance or physical and chemical properties.

There are many applications from Seals to Back Up Rings, Valve Seats, Lift Buttons, Poppet Valves, Manifolds etc. that can utilize the APEXGREENPEEK and realize a cost savings for those sacrificial service part applications.

APEXGREENPEEK is available as a standard as unfilled and we can offer filler packages to include 30% Glass, 30% Carbon Fiber and PTFE depending on your application requirements.

Apexco plans to make a donation from every sale of APEXGREENPEEK to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for Children.